Eye Catching Truck Carries Life Saving Message


A new brightly colored semi tractor-trailer could save your baby’s life.  Pegasus Transportation, Inc. has joined forces with Charlie’s Kids Foundation to help prevent SIDS by spreading their important Safe Sleep message across America’s highways.


Drivers and passengers who pass the newest addition to the Pegasus Transportation fleet will catch a glimpse of this rolling, visual reminder about the importance of safe sleep for infants.


“Back to Sleep.  I love my crib both day and night, no pillows, no blankets, just me - just right.”   The trailer’s message touches on some key points of safe sleep, putting the baby to sleep on his or her back, alone, in a crib with no pillows, blankets or soft bedding. Maybe more important is the stunning photo showing drivers what safe sleep looks like even if they don’t have a chance to read the truck’s message.


Charlie Paul Hanke was born April 6, 2010, to Sam and Maura Hanke.  He was a healthy, beautiful baby boy and brought incredible joy and happiness to his parents and to all those he met. On the morning of April 28, 2010, Charlie died from SIDS. He was just three weeks old.  Charlie’s too short life inspired his parents to create Charlie’s Kids Foundation in the hopes of sparing other parents this profound loss. Their mission to educate families and caregivers about SIDS and safe sleep practices has lead them to new and creative ways to promote the safe sleep message.


The idea to use the trailer to carry Charlie’s Kids message came from Charlie’s grandpa and Pegasus Transportation, Inc’s President, Gary Hanke.   “With our Charlie's Kids Foundation trailer traveling over 100,000 miles per year across America's highways, our Safe Sleep message will make over 5,000,000 impressions per year,” Hanke says.


The Charlie’s Kids partnership with Pegasus Transportation is one big way they are spreading their safe sleep message, but the foundation’s main vehicle for information distribution is their newly published children’s bedtime book, Sleep Baby Safe and Snug.   

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