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Safe sleep is hard. Your baby is worth it.


Charlie’s Kids Foundation was established in 2011 after Sam and Maura Hanke lost their first son, Charlie, to SIDS. It was founded with the purpose of increasing safe sleep awareness and education with the ultimate goal of reducing the SIDS mortality rate. 


Charlie’s Kids Foundation is unique because we spread the safe sleep message by utilizing a children’s board book as an educational vehicle. We provide families with Sleep Baby Safe and Snug during a prenatal visit or as a part of the safe sleep survival kit provided by Cribs for Kids. This special book, written specifically for Charlie’s Kids by pediatrician and author John Hutton, teaches caregivers what to do and not do to put a baby to sleep safely. In addition to the rhythmic, soothing prose, the back cover features a list of the Dos and Don'ts of safe sleep.

Our hope is that Sleep Baby Safe and Snug will serve as a timely reminder when a parent or caregiver is reading to the baby before nap and bedtime – a common sleep routine in many families.


The goal of this education method is to provide constant safe sleep messaging at the most important time – immediately before an infant is put down to sleep. We also hope it will promote early literacy. Families also receive a supplementary brochure with the safe sleep practices as an additional source of education.


Charlie Paul Hanke

April 6, 2010 - April 28, 2010